week 10

I would accept adding this to our geological calendar as the impact humans have had on earth for the short time they have been here, is tremendous. It should begin at the first sign of human impact, there are tons of arguments on when humans actually began making an impact. Personally, I believe the Industrial Revolution is a good contender to when it all started. During this time there was large-coal burning of coal caused a rise in greenhouse gases.

When people solely base their views and beliefs off of opinions of those they respect and also agree with, their views can easily be skewed. The views of our general public are important when it comes to issues such as climate change. Regardless of what the public thinks, there will always be efforts to try and understand new ways to combat it but when the public agrees with the research that is being done and are keeping high hopes of finding a new solution, it is a lot easier to get funding and having the support behind the research. Dr. Whitlock comes straight out with the fact that the climate is changing and there needs to be something done about it. Encouraging conversations should start with available information to anyone with facts that show how real the issue is including ways help.