Waste is worth technology

Douthwaite states information on aggressive actions humans take such as War, driving while intoxicated, and one less aggressive action but equally as harmful, making easy use and cheep materials for everyone. The authors of the other articles would have to give some advice and constructive criticism on all three of his Douthwaits statements. The other authors would tell him that they can agree that war and driving while intoxicated can cause serious environmental problems but so does almost every little thing humans do, and that he should not base his main arguments on something so minuet and unlikely. The other authors would give him advice on looking at more common forms of technology that are causing harm to the environment. Some examples would be man-made chemicals that destroy ecosystems, and simply that almost every from of technology cannot fix that bad we have done it just makes it worse.

The technological fixes will almost always have repercussions with the current knowledge we have and that is due to us using fossil fuels to craft and that humans create so much waste when we make absolutely anything. Examples would be when we create industrial sized nets used to clean the ocean made with rubber/plastic (harmful products), they create all the waste, although the intent is to clean up all the waste. Unintended consequences to the environment should not be the reason why we stop attempting to create new technology to help clean our planet. Mankind has put the earth in an awful state that will only continue to do worse, so the efforts humans take to help rescue our planet are worth the minimal amounts of waste that come from new potentially helpful technologies.