Usual problems

  1. The issues that are facing the Bitterroot Valley are issues that face nearly all ecological places. That would be the constant expansion of industry. The United States is famous for its industrial power and that power comes with the sacrifice of forested lands. The valley is at risk of being destroyed by mining urbanization and farming. The issue is also further worsened by a people who are seemingly unwilling to use their tax dollar to help clean up the mining sites. The American way of capitalism is getting in the way of preservation, too many people are concerned about making money and seem to have little care about the negative impact of their actions.
  2. When it comes to the wealthy helping to conserve the environment it seems like it should be a basic issue, but it is not. The wealthy should not be obligated to spend their money on issues that might not even be their own. However if there is no action the lands that we love will continue to disappear. The question is when will people decide to act, when will people say that they will stand together? We as a species love to conquer nature, but if we destroy nature it may never return. We as humans must go against our conquering instinct and act immediately to save what is still truly beautiful in this world.