Time for Another Revolution

  1. In this last section of Harari’s Sapiens I find the trigger of the strong state and market in the human culture is the Industrial Revolution. It pushed new ideas that didn’t include the home life. They also had ideas that saw women as individuals and not as property(Harari 360). Parents weren’t allowed to be abusive anymore otherwise the state would step in and could take children from their parents or remove the entire family from the one abusive person. It changed the idea of marriage, it was no longer, in most areas, that parents pick who marries who. Then it became young people choose their spouses. If it wasn’t for the Industrial Revolution who knows if these changes would’ve happened.
  2. In my opinion, I believe historians have, probably, one of the most important roles in the entire world. Without historians we wouldn’t know history, we would have oral history but that can get very jumbled through many tellings. We need historian to document and find the truth throughout history. For the most part, the history that we get from historians aren’t as bias as through oral history. It may be bias to the country the history is from but even then we do get the almost full truth.