The Struggle of Convincing People Evolution Exists

This chapter we read from Darwin came as the final concluding chapter of his work The Origin of Species. In this chapter he discusses all the of the work he has done in regards to evolution and the descent from one common species. Darwin strongly argues his case of evolution through species where the strongest and most well equipped species survive and these genes get passed down. Despite how confident Darwin was in this theory, he couldn’t prove it to the entire world. Darwin could not technically gain proof that this was happening because of how long it takes for these changes within a species to occur. He uses the argument of the distributions between species to prove his case of evolution. He also argues evolution through natural selection. This when the animals within a species that contain weaker or non-helpful genes slowly stopped getting passed a long because these animals aren’t as successful. Darwin could not prove his theory of evolution was correct and there were many skeptical people that did not believe, this is because he believes people were to stubborn to believe it and because of religious reasons. However Darwin made good arguments including, natural selection, to prove his theory of evolution to be correct.

My personal favorite argument that Darwin uses to prove that his theory of evolution is correct is the idea of natural selection. Natural selection is where the best genetically equipped animals within a species pass their genes on because they are more successful, this keeps occurring until all animals within the species have this trait. This can be seen in the Galapagos where there is one species of animal but they are different on different islands because of natural selection. This is what I believe to be the most convincing argument for natural selection.