The Price of Lost Biology

In an attempt to learn more about ourselves, historians scavenge for the last remnants of forgotten history to piece the puzzle together. Upon this venture we discover much more was lost then just history, but our very own human biology. Once upon a time human sapiens, Neanderthals, Erectus, and Floresien lived on the same Earth. Until by some chance Homo-sapiens develop new abilities, starting the Cognitive revolution. The mental capacity to imagine and communicate ideas that can’t be plainly observed, but only to be pondered on as stories told around a campfire was something other human types didn’t have. This skill to think outside of the box gave sapiens a devastating advantage over others, eventually moving in, eating their food, and killing off any competition. After developing enough technology to settle in one spot and no longer have to travel around for food the Agricultural revolution started. Creating a food surplus and an expansion of population so that people could spend time on more creative things like upholding society, making art, and spreading disease. Human health was put to the challenge when diet and lifestyle were changed. No longer eating a variety of different foods found on the forest floor, but generic grain and livestock disturbed their natural habits that developed over millions of years. In addition, the rise of the population of both animals and people in settlements increased disease risk rapidly.

Harari would see these problems as signs of development Their trade-off of problems, from battling the element to fighting each other and eventually going up agents epidemic disease, is almost in favor of Homo-sapiens. For large social brains are both the cause and solution to many of our problems. Nowadays our biggest problems are not even diseases, hunger, or the unforgiving winters. Today biggest problems are social, political, and philosophical problems created by no one else but ourselves. All of this because we wanted to believe in something and someone else didn’t want to jump on the bandwagon.