The (not so) Holy Trinity

Empire, science, and capitalism are all linked together according to Harari due to how they all seem benefit off of one another. Harari talks about how the utilization of science leads to empire, and empire increases the progress of science with the prosperity that it brings to a country, and Capitalism fuels both empire and science, as well as benefiting from both of them immensely. The goal for all of these aspects is to progress the nation forward, and is a reoccurring theme with Harari. A perfect example of this is the printing press. The way the printing press has helped these three all coincide with one another. For science, it in itself is a science advancements, and led to the more publication of other scientists and their work. For Empire, the printing press allowed the feats of all these great conquerors and state propaganda to promote their interests to the public. The way that the printing press assisted capitalism however, is less a result of what it did, and more of what it took away. After the printing press, businesses could publicly advertise their wares and they didn’t need to hire employees to handle that aspect of the business.
I believe that Hararis belief of progress being a main factor connecting all of these together, but I would personally go a step further and say that all of these tend to benefit the people in power more than the citizens and people in the nations ruled by these aspects. The people in charge tend to decide what to do with all the technological progresses, as well as benefit heavily from a strong capitalistic ingrained society. Empire being beneficial explains itself, the subjection of lesser, weaker powers to build upon your own power further, almost purely benefits the people in power.