The “Illusory” Solution

LeCain argues that the transformational, relocational, and the delayed techno fixes are all “illusory” as he says on (page 149). Many truly believed these techno fixes to be solutions for the problems at hand, but they did not know the the ramifications of these “solutions” on the environment in other areas (page 150). He is also arguing that these techno fixes are not fixing the problem at all because they do not require that these harmful mining process be altered, they simply require that the companies pay money to lessen the effects and even shift the problem to another area. To Summarize my thoughts, LeCain is arguing that techno fixes were of good intentions but ultimately did more harm than good.

We absolutely need copper and these other minerals that are brought about through processes that produce waste and I wholly agree with LeCain’s argument; if we would simply hold these companies to creating a process for ore extraction that was safe and effective the environment would be better off, these companies could continue to extract the very essential things that are essential for today’s society and still keep the environment safe and healthy for our use and further usage. But the fact of the matter is that we held and hold these companies to creating a solution, which they did, but was entirely an “illusory” solution that hid the problem under the rug. All in all I believe that LeCain’s argument was spot on and his assessment was accurate to a T.