The Current State of Sapiens

Harari explains how the state and market really modernizes the human race in how it brings us together. He explains how close family and relatives is all a person really has during the earlier years of humanity. He uses the example of a person falling sick, and how his or her only aid was provided by immediate family (Harari 356). This even stretches into fairly modern times up to the 1700s. Once state and market begins to take its place, more possibilities for aid come into existence. Governments now have healthcare programs that will treat people even if they do not have immediate family to help them.

I believe historians should start looking at the future growth of humanity on a global scale. With technology such as the internet, we are so interconnected that it makes the possibility of having close family relations on the other side of the world. You can have a video conversation with them at the click of a button, which is just amazing if you really think about how things were only 20 years ago. I also think further discussion of the anthropocene could be of benefit. This way we have a distinguished era that helps us lay out when certain paradigm shifts came to happen. The only barrier as of right now is that no one is on the same page with this theory.