Take it all!

The Cognitive and Agricultural Revolutions helped human’s developed civilizations in a number of ways. Cognitive Revolution was inspired by fire. Once we had fire a lot began to change. First we were able to be warmer much easier and faster. Second we were able to cook food. These might seem like simple improvements but in reality they were life changing improvements. We were able to conserve more energy and in return we increased our brain size. The larger brain mean more availability for complex thinking like language, relationships and organization. “Homo sapiens is primarily a social animal (Harari, p. 136). The Agricultural Revolution falls right behind and it because of the social connections and brain improvements that made this possible. By being able to domesticate plants and animals humans were able to settle into one place. By settling and farming/livestock humans were able to fed their family more, this enlarged family sizes and if you did become ill or hurt to had somewhere to rest one’s head but understand this only benefits the majority not the individual human.

Harari said “Sapiens can cooperate in extremely flexible ways with countless numbers of strangers. That’s why Sapiens rule the world” A great leap in helping us maintain the imagined orders that we created came from Homo sapiens long preferred to the view yourself as different from animals. Our brains not only improve real world information’s but also created an imagination that no other animals have. I do believe that because of our imagination we are able to create and destroy beautiful things. I think we became dominant because there is or was nothing to stop us. Take hunting for example it use to be for food not in many places its for big game. To being able to take charge and take control and even to take a life that is bigger than our own has appealed to humans for many generations.