Socio-Genetic Gap??

With a steadily increasing socio-economic gap within the United States and around most of the world, Darnovsky’s point of the social and political gaps that could stem from selecting traits is extremely troublesome. Outside of the benefits of avoiding or eliminating genetic diseases, the ability to choose between aesthetic traits of children poses as a potential for huge social discrimination that would become both normalized and even capitalized upon. Undoubtedly, a vicious cycle between lower classes that could not afford genetic manipulation becoming poorer and the upper classes that could afford it and fully reap the benefits becoming more isolated from the rest of the populace would lead to issues of great poverty, conflict and potential violence that could lead to incidents of rebellion and even genocide as we have witnessed throughout history when marginalized groups no longer can accept their forced status and low quality of life.

Due to the high levels of unknown effects of following generations of people that had genes removed or manipulated as well as the social, political, economic and potentially even religious/ideological I truly think that gene editing should not be done and or available to the public. The amount of policy regarding these issues would be nearly unattainable and certainly would be manipulated and would have negative consequences regardless of the depth of said policy as this would quickly become an unprecedented source of power and control.