Science & Reason – Darwin Style

Despite his inability to prove evolution through natural selection, Darwin presented multiple thought provoking points to support what he argued as a correct explanation for evolution. According to Darwin, stemming from competition for resources, territory, food and sexual partners, all animal populations have a history of adaptations that have resulted in current versions of species that are at this point the best suited for their environment and survival. Darwin supported this stance by showing the variation amongst the same species depending on their location around the world to accommodate for different climates and geography. He argued that if natural selection and evolution did not have any merit that we would not be able to see said differences throughout history let alone in current day populations of animals around the globe.

Whether or not influenced by the high levels of Darwinism and the belief of evolution within the current education system, I do have a difficult time suggesting any other explanation for the changes within fossil records. Even with the new connections of Darwins theories within human evolution, however, I do feel that the leap of assuming straight connection to primates more difficult to believe (although this wasn’t part of Darwin’s focus).