Save Us Frankenstein!

Douthwaite theory that technological fixes would help social problems would have been easily analyzed in a different way by the other authors, Sean F Johnston, Michael and Joyce Huesemann. Johnson would have pointed out the fact we have actually have created more social problems with “the tradition on technological fixes” (p. 52). We create solutions to the problems that we ‘need’ to be resolved. When we create these solutions we typical think that everything is going be just fine and dandy but finding out that there were some issues but don’t worry we can fix them with more technological fixes. Confused? Here’s an example, we created piped water ways into the cities, and those pipes were made with lead. Now everyone’s sick, so we created a vaccine but it has nasty side effects. See where I’m going with this… The Huesemann’s would have added to Johnson’s n point by stating “that through our machines we have at last escaped from dependence on the natural environment (p. 5) and that has created more social problems as well. The natural environment of being able to talk to one another face to face is a social problem we all face today because of internet. I love the internet but it has causes some real social concerns.

The reason the technological fixes don’t always work as planned is because they are bias. Technological fixes are made by people who in nature “have cultural, ethic, and political dimensions (Johnson, p. 52). They have an agenda and that’s just how the world works some times. We should at least slow down on how fast we are moving. No matter what there are always going to be consequences that weren’t accounted for but maybe just once it will work out and that’s all we can ask for.