Revolutions in the Beginning

The Cognitive Revolution allowed legends, religions, etc. to speak things they could not see. Prior to this revolution, sapiens could communicate only things they could see, as if there was a lion close by. Cognitive allowed for transmitting more information about social relationships as well. The Agricultural Revolution started when sapiens would manipulate the lives of some plants and animals. Wheat and goats were the first to be domesticated, then peas and lentils, then horses, etc. This revolution obviously allowed for extreme strides for human kind Before they would eat whatever they could find and now that have an entirely new system that can give them so much more to live off.

Homo sapiens have a much larger brain compared to any other animals. Our cerebral thinking allowed us to evolve to become better adapt for our surroundings. Also making discoveries such as creating tools with our hands or starting fire. Along those lines, our language is incredibly special compared to the other types of homo genus, such as Neanderthals that eventually became extinct.