Religion is the hunter and Science is the prey

For Johnson, these two groups were the vital pillar of the English country. Therefore, if they were reduced or they lost power, the complete country should be “conquered” by the scientific field. However, according to Johnson, “to our modern ears, this is a perfectly acceptable premise.” (Johnson, 148). This means that since our society is more and more concerned with science and less religious, or at least they are not as devotes as centuries ago, this model in which science surpasses religion would perfectly exist. In addition, politics is also modified if science wins the fight. “But Priestley then goes on to make an even bolder suggestion, linking the march of scientific progress to political change.” (Johnson, 148). This change in the political behavior of a country would led it to a transformation from a conservative one to a more liberal conscience.

Looking for some information, I discover that Albert Einstein was prosecuted and “the Nazis had systematically denounced both Einstein and his work, calling his relativity theory ‘Jewish science’.” Fortunately, he was in the USA when Hitler reached to power. In this example we can see that science is prosecuted even in “current days”, as it relatively happened not many years ago. Another example is the scientist called Johannes Kepler. He was a scientist that troubled the interpretations of the Bible in Austria. He worked on the movements of the planets and the function and conduct of light. In sum, due to scientific researches, these people had to flee from their homelands or at least, become refugees in their own land.

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