Oh the heat, the unbearable heat. Huh, wait a minute?

Over the course of this semester we have gone over how Technological fixes have been able to find a way to fix almost any problem we have or find a way to subside the effects of whatever needs fixed. I do believe the for global warming is among the list of items that can be helped with a techno-fix in one way or another. Most of the damage done to cause this global warming has been caused by the industrialization of the world, but in recent years the emissions numbers have dropped. CO2 levels are projected to drop by another 20% by 2030, in other words a technological fix or socio-technological fix has already made the world cleaner. (IPCC, Headlines, C1) With these advancements already put in place it shows that there can be a fix to the warming of the planet, and if these advancements are continued the environment could as well be fixed beyond expectations.

In my earlier paragraph I state that the emission numbers will drop but they could also drop further than projected. By say this I do believe the data is too young to actually hold and be of significance, but the data is something to keep an eye on. Though the statement is true to believe that we should use the young research and data for fact, there is real justification to want to believe it. This argument is a double edged sword for whether one believes in the research of wants to keep obtaining more information to have a broader perspective.