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This article states a very clear message, the world is on a path of global warming and all that fun stuff that has brought the global temperature up by at least 1 degrees celsius since pre industrial revolution times.  They go further into saying that if the world continues on this path that we will add at least another .5 of a degree by the year 2030. Engineers, activists, and scientists are all working toward the common goal of diminishing the effect of global warming on the environment and humans.  They also work toward the combined effort to stop the pollution or excess C02 gas before they can interfere with nature. These fixes are often, from the side of the scientists and engineers, technological fixes. Focusing on the “why” and “how” of global warming they seek to create solutions to issues that are prime factors.  The socio-technological fix, in my eyes, is the job of the activists and reformers in the governments to do. They can sway the public’s opinion and view on the matter so much that real change will occur instead of years of talk between politicians who go nowhere with their bills.


The understanding of the world’s climate has been a rough sincine up until the 20th century when we started to understand the effects that burning mass amounts of coal produces.  Britain did a great job cleaning up their act b burning less coal and cleaning their rivers during this time. But scientists were already examining the effects of the spike in C02 amounts.  I disagree with the statement that climate science is still in its infancy. If you really want to get technical, meteorology can be considered climate science because of the records and observations about the earth’s climate.  We have records for hundreds of years about temperature and storms that can paint a pattern for us and show us where in history we were affecting the climate overall.