Natural Selection 101

Darwin argued that through natural selection the process of evolution took place. He did this through the evidence that since resources are limited in nature only species with traits that favor survival will prosper. The rest would have perished given that those not fit for survival fell victim to natural selection. He also stated that natural selection causes species to adapt making them well suited to their environment. For example, a bird whose beak can’t eat certain seeds in their environment would die out. Whereas the bird of the same species with a beak more suited to eat in that environment would continue to live one and pass down their genes. With that, the offspring produced also have more of a chance to survive. From there the cycle continues. More offspring are produced with heritable traits are made, and as a whole, a population slowly becomes adapted to their environment.  


What I found most convincing was the number of real-life animal examples he uses within the text. It really cements his argument as to how natural selection and evolution are linked. Providing real-world examples is a strong way to prove your point. Afterall whos one to deny real-world evidence, it’s very compelling. He also provides examples of certain environments and how they shape the ecosystem. These environments play a huge role in how a species survives. They can either make or break an animals chance to pass down their genes. I found that very interesting.