Montana’s Take on the World’s Problems

Montana, being a place of Limited rainfall, high altitudes, and distance from population centers makes it agriculturally non competitive, this lack of agriculture is a problem for the environment because of the increasing population. Along with is the toxic waste from mining and mining operations, this environmental problem is historical in nature because one of Montana’s main staples of its economy has been mining. Similarly with mining, logging has been an integral part of Montana’s economy over the past century. With logging came clear cutting because the Montana Forest Service was ignorance of the effects of clear cutting forests, such effects being deforestation, increased snow melting in the spring, and loss of animal habitats. Another major environmental problem is soil degradation either from over grazing or salinization of the soil and water sources. There are other environmental problems as well, however these should illustrate the problems with the environment in Montana.

I believe that Montana is a perfect model in relation to environmental problems, i do not know if it is a good example for problems around the world. I believe Montana would be a good example for places around the world of the same climate and vegetation. Nevertheless I see Montana as a relatively good specimen because of how untainted it has been when compared to other parts of the world. In other parts of the world the problems have already done their damage, but in Montana’s case the problems are beginning to take hold and effect Montana. This is so valuable because it allows us to see the effects as they are occurring not once they have done their damage, this allows us to see ways to curve the problem or make changes to fix these environmental problem.