Montana has been going down like a skier on Bridger

Some current day environmental problems the Bitterroot Valley faces today is an increasing population and immigration, increasing scarcity and decreasing quality of water, poor quality of air, toxic wastes, heightened risks of wildfire, loss of soil and nutrients, and effects of climate change. These are all very important because the can change the land and the quality of life in the area (human and wildlife). All of these are true for my previous statement because without fresh water, toxicity in the soil or air, and epically wildfire can cause the environment to drastically go downhill. Not all of these problems have been around from the beginning, those would be seasonal poor air quality, wildfire, and increasing population. Overtime even 50 years past when the settlers first moved to Montana they started to feel the effects of loss of soil, decreasing quality of water and certain types of toxic wastes. I think that in the history there was always similar environmental problems, they have just gotten worse of the years.

Montana is actually a very place to study environmental issues due to the diversity of wildlife, and plants. Studying Montana for the issues would very well represent the entire world when it comes to heightened wildfire, problems with the water table, toxic waste, loss of soil and nutrients, and everything listed in the reading. The reason Montana is such a great representative is due to how mild the climate is, and if a mild climate is affected greatly by all the environmental issues we are facing then a more drastic, and other mild climates will be facing the same challenges and see the same results Montana faces now and will continue to face.