Montana and her mishaps

After reading Diamonds information on Montana, I did gain a new perspective, even as someone who was born and raised here. The information was not all knew, but was updated and more informative than other information I have heard or read. Montana is having issues right now, some of them man-made, and some of them natural, but all have direct affects on those of us that live here. An example of a natural issue involves that high- latitude and high-longitude problem that diamond discussed. It creates a shorter growing season, which produces less crops and makes livestock more difficult to keep healthy. We have issues with water, with population growth, with agriculture, with things that affect the entire U.S. population, and Montana residents alike. Changes that occurred too fast, and without regard to the future, such as excessive deforestation and logging, have had lasting effects that we still deal with today. The runoff of toxins in fertilizer used in our agriculture is detrimental, and all these issues continue on without any action to stop them.
This information presented highlights the need for change, but I don’t see people often owning up, or making a change. People do not seem to realize how much one person can affect and make a difference on an entire area. Montana may not be as affected as the rest of the United States, but it is at risk and needs action to help it shift towards a better future.