Modern Science Shmodern Shmience

Throughout the reading Harari talks about how capitalism, empire and science are linked.  He asks “What potential did Europe develop in the early modern period that enabled it to dominate the late modern world?”(282) He then gave the answer saying “modern science and capitalism.”(282)This proves because Europeans harnessed those qualities better than anybody else that that is the reason Europe dominated the world when the technological bonanza began. Capitalism comes to play because of its influence on science because research is usually funded by the government or private business. One example that stood out to me the most was Cook’s “scientific” expedition to Taznaminia. Cook and his men killed off their race and they were “seized in the name of science.”(278) The Tasmanian corpses were dissected, weighed and measured just to be studied.


I do agree that progress does play a role in the linkage of capitalism, empire, and science because when capitalism started, then came more interest in science which created an empire for the Europeans. The world started to progress and adapt to these changes and science in the world after Europe began the technological revolution. Capitalism fits in the picture because of the growth of the economy got stronger when modern science became popular. Harari says “Banks and governments print money, but ultimately, it is the scientists who foot the bill”. The work between the two goes hand in hand. I agree with Harari.