Love me the way I am

CRISPR Technology is very exciting in many ways. By being able to stoping the spread of deadly viruses early on is great. Changing the DNA is mosquitoes is a great alternative to not having to spreaing harsh chemicals. We know from past experices that there are more consequences in spreaing than not. Many home and farms around here have signs up “no spraying” because they have first handed had to deal with the negitive effects. What’s frightening for me is Anthony James statement in DNA Revolution ” I believe the dangers of not doing it are far greater” (Specter, P. 2). This kind of thinking is what got us into the problems we have now.Altering there DNA may make them more available to contract more and new diseases.

I do not belive that gene editing is the way. Im not blind, I do see the way it has improved our medical care but WHOM do these really benift. In past transactions we have seen it people and counties with money. Yes we do help undeveloped countries but I belive that ia for more for our benefit to protect ourselves. John Harris makes an argument in his writing that we are causing more suffering and death by not gene editing. I disagree with this for two reasons. Again if we start to gene edit humans we really dont know whats going to come out of Pandora’s box and second what’s we start i belive we wont ever be able to go back. Also if my parents did gene edit me I wouldn’t be the person i am today. Im not saying im going to change the world or anything but some times the grass is not always greener on the other side.