Linked with everything eles

They are all linked because they are bias. All of them are in one way or another implicated by humans. It’s over used but it’s a great example, global warming. Scientist that are trying to prove that globe warming only present there facts that line up with their theory. Why? Well because some has to fund their testing, someone of political power maybe had gotten you the job. Also again science is done by people who are bias and even in the 1500’s astronomers though that the earth was the center of the universal. Why, because earths so great and it would mean the end of their beliefs of heavenly spheres beyond earth.

As we progresses more as human beings we become more reliant on the growth science, empire, and capitalism. In my mind I think ‘how would we have not progressed without these three contributors?’ I think is agreement is strong because for the idea to improve your self comes only with progress. “The domestication of fire was assign of things to come” (Harari, p. 296). Fire has grown from the upstanding of how to make and how to control (science). Homo sapiens learned when to create fire for eating, this increased population size and large empires came out of this small cause and effect. When having an empire there needs to be a system otherwise hell breaks loose. We have been able to create threw an empire capitalism because nothing is equal in life and you have to work for it and maybe sometimes you get rewarded.