LeCain and Thangs

Timothy LeCain strictly argues that technological fixes are only created to fix the chaos humankind creates. He states pros and cons, and also looks into different ways places have been affected. Timothy explains three types of technological fixes when it comes to the mining world; transformational, relocational, and, finally, postponing technological fixes. And whilst these are solutions, LeCain argues that these also lead to additional problems to fix. I believe that technology should be created to make life easier, but it’s safe to say that humankind creates a foggy aura around “easy” and “lazy.” I think that most of the technological fixes have indeed created more problems that have more of an impact than the original issue.

I believe that even though copper and other materials create issues, we still need these materials. I know in the future our best and brightest may come up with a new way to continue the inventions copper and other materials have brought to life, and perhaps they will be more safe. Regardless, I believe, like in many other issues the world faces, we should be focused on making mining and other dangerous processes less stressful to the environment. And with that being said, I agree with LeCain’s points.