knick knack paddy frack mining is really wack

As the mining industry continues to develop environmental roadblocks are present problems in the work force. Luckily for the companies scientific advances continue to open up the opportunities for mining. The ability to create a safe and efficient system and can best be described as “ a hybrid system that combined natural and technological systems,  rather than as a completely artificial construction imposed on a natural world. Engineers worked with natural environmental systems just as much as they tried to dominate and overcome them” (53). These advances undoubtedly were the best accomplishments in the mining industry since the use of dynamite but didn’t come with out consequence. This idea of dominating the natural world became dangerous and led to many failures on the side of the engineers. A perfect explanation of these problems is, “For these engineers, failure often stemmed not from careless disregard for environmental problems but rather from a dangerous overconfidence in their ability to fix these problems” (54). Another problem to come from the revolution of mining was a connection between men and professionals. This led to the exploitation of the world due to its feminine naturalism.

After reading the article revolving around mines and problems they leave behind the question of what to do about them is a high concern in this day of environmental conservation. The negative aspects of mining should be addressed in multiple ways. Before the digging can commence a schematic of the process should be processed by a third party environmental agency to make sure that all safety precautions are used and digging follows all current regulations. During the mining process inspectors, being paid by third party companies, should make routine checks of all facilities and the mines to make sure all safety standards and regulations are continuing to be met while digging is in progress. After the process of mining has finished the company should be required to meet with state or city officials as well as environmental officials so that restoration and proper disposal of toxic or dangerous material are meeting the local standards. Mining if dealt with properly can prove to be more environmentally friendly than it is today but until more technological advances the outcome of mining has proved to be overall bad for the environment.