I (don’t) bless the mines down in Montana (Africa)

Often considered the subject of untouched natural beauty, Montana has had its fair share of negative factors contributing towards some problems that are seen rising throughout parts of the world in this day and age. The issues facing the Bitterroot Valley in Montana are numerous, including water contamination, deforestation and forest fires, and climate change. The greatest scourge of the natural prestinity of the Bitterroot Valley has been the years of mining thats occured in Montana. Being that mining was one of the largest industries for years the past couple centuries, the mining companies were able to get away with lax regulations and laws of conservation of the surrounding area. As a result of the booming mining industry, trees were cut down for timber to build mines and the homes for workers, this of course lead to the deforestation of the surrounding area. What seemed harmless at first, later proves to be a cause of increased forest fires and the change of water temperatures in rivers, which became uninhabitable for certain species of fish. All of these negative effects from the mining industry are however not even the crux of the consequences following years of unchecked mining. Years after the mines have been abandoned, it is being found that the minerals and runoff from the excessive mining has polluted the surrounding areas in Bitterroot Valley. These problems are unfortunately not unique to only Montana in history, as the lack of serious restrictions and regulation on various industries in the past has caused massive environmental damage all over the world.

I believe that these problems faced in Bitterroot Valley are representative of these certain aspects of environmental damage that was mentioned previously. The problems of excessive mining and deforestation that generally are seen in Montana do reflect the negative factors in other similar situations. However there are other problems faced in other parts of the world that are unique to their respective biomes that are not present in the environment and climate of Montana.