Humans: Earth’s Alpha

The Cognitive and Agricultural revolution were both important driving factors in making human life what is today. The Cognitive Revolution brought our minds together to help us all work together, and the Agricultural brought new stability to life by providing a much more steady reliable source of food. Harari states that the primary reason humans banded together and created an intricate language system was to gossip and make up myth and tales. Harari even states “This ability to speak about fictions is the most unique feature of the Sapiens language.” (pg 24) I feel that the Cognitive Revolution drove human evolution forward in the most noticeable ways. Without this in depth language forming we wouldn’t have any of the modern advances we take for granted. We wouldn’t have telephones, railroads, politics. But more importantly without the agricultural Revolution we wouldn’t have beer, and who would want to live in that world?

Humans became the dominant species in short through teamwork, they turned hunting grounds into makeshift slaughterhouses. Through the use of rudimentary traps and fences, humans made it possible to hunt entire herds of animals. By means of participation and communication humans became able to talk to their clansmen and create a strategy to hunt a larger animal seen in the valley. Of course it could be argued that while the creation and use of fiction furthered human evolution it could also be stated that this fiction made our species more violent towards each other. An example would be the countless “holy wars” throughout human history. I believe the one thing that made humans the dominant species is our ability to cooperate with other humans in a very complex way that other species just cannot.