The basis of modern civilization can be traced back to the Congnotive and Agricultural revolutions and Hararis conclusions are in support of that. He talks about how the Cognitive Revolution was where humanity separated from biology (Harari, 37) this is vita for the establishment of the modern order because with this revolution, came humanities desire to band together. Humanity also started to adopt pet animals here which is still used today. (Harari 49) Going along with humanities banding together comes the Agricultural Revolution, this revolution allowed humanity to start to live in very large communities, and thus the development of settlements and eventually cities start. (Harari, 103) These things are but a few of the many that lead to the modern civilization.

In regard to humanity becoming dominant Harari is clear. The history is evident humanity destroys many unique species to a native land . This seems to be the nature of humanity. (Harari, 71) Humanity will seemingly do anything to ensure its survival, and that often comes with killing off all opposition to its survival. I find it very persuasive because it makes sense, humanity wants to survive and that often comes with the slaughter of all opposition, all other predators.There is little skepticism that can be held in my opinion, because Harari gives concrete facts, and goes on too describe many instances where humanity has dominated the earth and I believe that it is because it is in our nature, humans love to dominate nature, and history has proven that humans are inherently conquerors.