howd we get here

According to harari we are looking at the relationship between science, empire, and capitalism. He starts off by talking about how a town like Alamogordo was a town in New Mexico constructed with mud houses and lit by the candlesticks at night. In light of the scientific revolution that was starting to take place, we can look at the people back then. The citizens were more concerned with rebuilding and preserving what they already had then moving forward with technological advances. Thus it being the scientific revolution we look at how money is transferred into resources which in turn goes into power. Because the more power you have, usually means you have the resources and the money to back it up. Harari talks about how the scientific revolution was a revolution of ignorance. We did not know the governing of the new world and laws, but the mathematical professors worked at creating a way for advancement. This ties into religion. Religion gave people set doctrines and guidelines on what we need to do and how we should do it. It allowed people to follow it, through the gaining of knowledge, and with knowledge they had power. Later we then discovered the scientific theories and how to figure out new things. The basis is that harari is trying to get across is that if you have knowledge and can understand science, then you have power, then power will allow you to gain resources and grow your empire and stretches across the world, this then all factors into capitalism, the economic and societal gain from using power and resources to gain land and harness the new scientific theories and technological advances.

Progress does play a huge role in the bond between science, empire, and capitalism. Because without progress we wouldn’t have anything today. We have to look at the great scholars such as Darwin, or Newton. They were considered crazy for what they believed for a short while until it proved to be helpful in establishing a new way to do and look at things. These scholars laid down the fundamentals on how things need to progress through the uses of science and mathematics. Their work helped us achieve things that we didn’t think were possible yet. Progress plays a huge part because we have to have progress to move forward and strive in resources and gain land, and boost the economy of the country and world. Without progress we would be nothing.