global warming

The reduction of coal use through wind and solar energy is one way that we can start combating climate change. Convincing influential people that this is the better option, especially economically, would help boost usage of more environmentally friendly options. To convince these people however, who usually have more economic concerns in mind, you have to convince them that it would be cheaper in the long run to use these new technologies on a large scale than to fix the issues created by not using the more environmentally friendly option. Also convincing those influential people that climate change is a real thing and that they should be concerned about it would also help people to realise that they need to use those environmentally friendly options on a large scale, because if they don’t the consequences will be devastating and it’s extremely unlikely that we would be able to come back from it.

I don’t believe that climate change is too young to be reliable at all. Just from the statements that the IPCC released telling about the damages done by the 1 °C change that we’ve already created, I have no doubt in my mind that an increase in global temperature would do the damage that they’re predicting that it will do. In Reidy’s article, he mentions that climate change was first being conceived in 1861, when Tyndall wrote a paper to the Royal Society. Tyndall’s work was the first experimental confirmation of the greenhouse effect and it’s something that is still being analyzed and confirmed today. This means that climate change is not too young to be reliable, as it’s something that’s been being studied and confirmed over and over again for decades.