Global Warming Problem

According to the readings what needs to be done is the global warming needs to be at 1.5 degrees Celsius instead of 2 degrees Celsius, and the IPCC states that the “pathways for limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius with no or limited overshoot would require rapid and far-reaching transitions in energy, land, urban and infrastructure, and industrial systems (IPCC Headline Statements). They way that the IPCC has decided to fight against global warming is by lessening the inevitable damage that is on the way. According to the IPCC, a rise of 1.5 degrees by 2100 would only destroy 70-90 percent of coral reefs as opposed to all of them being lost with a rise of 2 degrees. All of this would need to be achieved by 2030, which is not much time but I believe it is possible. As with much of today’s technology it will have to start from the top (government).

From the article written by Reidy, it makes a small argument for climate science still being in its infancy because of Tyndall’s work being hidden for so long, but Reidy’s article also shows how much work has been done on climate science in history. Tyndall died in 1893 which means that Tyndall has been doing research for 125 years, I believe that is enough time to not be considered in infancy o at least in teenage years. Regardless of how early a discovery is shouldn’t diminish its importance. It’s also not a bad idea, even if you do think it’s not as big a problem, to want to help clean up the world as well.