For Once I have Faith in Humanity


The most blatant, easy and quite frankly obvious answer to the question is that I believe that the idea or system of human gene editing is not only one of the most exciting advancements at CRISPR technology. However; the issue of gene altering is both ethically and personally challenging advancements and performances done by CRISPR Technology. Although the gene editing is very controversial and largely considered unethical or negative I believe gene editing is very interesting and in the right hands this science could be used for good. It is so exciting to think we now have the science to edit ourselves and our future children. Using the gene editing science we could use this science to fix genetic diseases and also fix other genetic issues. When people hear gene editing they are skeptical because it is new and they don’t see the good it could be used for. Using this editing parents who are aware of a genetic issue they may have they can then make sure to fix this issue with their child or make sure that the child does not have to suffer from the same issue they did. One example would be eyesight, if a parent has poor eyesight they can then fix it in there child before they are even born. This opens a whole new lane of issues with those who would abuse this power like the “pageant” parents or even the parent that care too much about their child’s athletics etcetera.


Like any advancement in science and technology, there will be immediate conflict. People will rush to the side they most agree with and debating with them will only cause the person to more strongly affiliate with there side of choice. Although, I am afraid and somewhat skeptical I am okay with gene editing because I really hope people will be able to fix issues with humans. I think this blog follows natural selection well, we can fix the diseases and disabilities before they unfortunately hurt people.