Everybody Can Win

Technological advances have done so much for our modern world there is no question that technological advances applied to the mining industry would advance underground mining as a whole. An example of such advances include a pump invented in the early twentieth century that was pushed underground acting as a means of ventilation, and cooling, allowing humans to be able to survive down in the mines (p-37). The more time people spend down there the more resources can be gathered creating profits faster than normally without the pump. Some potential risks or consequences can be how the mines can collapse in on itself affecting the surface above it and harming any environment within that area. With more mines dug, and faster more of these potential craters can be created. In areas where water lies above the affected area, water can divert from its original path or drain entirely. So it really comes down to the benefit of us and our economy or our environment in which we live in.


The negative aspects of mining should be taken into consideration before any mining is done in the first place. One must consider the area in which the mining is being done. In an area where it is rich in nature and wildlife should be avoided or taken in great precaution in protecting such an area. During mining those in charge aside worker safety should prioritize in trying to keep the mines with a strong structure to prevent potential collapses in the future. After mining is done miners should clean up after their excavation leaving as little trace as possible. Mining can be done safely, and if we have the opportunity to make it safe we should.