Epoch of Our Destruction

The Anthropocene Epoch is the current geological time scale that we are living in and it is unrealistic to reject the idea of it as humans are certainly driving climate change that will affect our world. The main description of an epoch given by Steffen is the transition of what is most affected climate and the environment, and the Anthropocene is the period of human influence. In my own opinion the epoch started approximately when Humanity a) was burning anything for fuel (Malm,1) and b) when we started spreading across the globe so around the 1400’s as our society’s began to spread. This timeframe is because though we have had the ability to burn for thousands of years humans haven’t had global reach till the last 600 years making it impossible to have an effect on the entire global environment. As well as this lasting at minimum 600 years our effects on the geological landscape started with the large-scale clearing of trees and mining.

Climate change denial is mostly based upon people’s inability to change their views because it would put them at odds with their social peers, this is a common thing with people in America today as you tend to try to match with your social group. So if you live in the south and you’re very liberal you’re not going to tell everyone that you’re very liberal and this remains true for most interactions where you’re the outsider. The same concept applies for climate change and it means that we have to be more subversive in the how we address these problems. so not only does the solutions to this have to be more National in nature so that it is not one person in one area causing problems but so that people can actively support it.