Easy Bake Babies?

Being someone who is mostly for gene editing on humans, I really liked John Harris’ essay on the subject. I found myself finishing his sentences before I had even finished reading them. For example, when he discusses Francis Collins’ argument that in genetically modifying humans we are altering the future generations without their consent (Harris 1). I thought to myself that this argument would put us at a complete stand still on the matter and we would never be able to advance with it. This is due to the simple fact that we will never be able to obtain consent from future generations, and we must simply do what we wholeheartedly believe is best for them moving forward.

I believe that we should look further into human gene editing. For the most part I believe we should try to implement it into society due to how many lives it can save from hereditary diseases. On the other hand, after reading Marcy Darnovsky’s essay about the cons of gene editing, it really made me think of the other side. When she discusses Lee Silver’s Time Magazine article on the subject she uses his ad example that briefly puts you in a world that has accepting human gene editing. For some reason imagining this to myself made me feel a sort of uneasiness that kind of turned me away form the matter. However, I believe implementing this would be the most logical thing to do from what we understand.