Earth’s Biggest Problem

With the ever-growing threat of global warming threatening the life on Earth as we know it, scientists are trying to come up with new techno-fixes to help Earth’s CO2 levels to come down and return to a normal healthy level. Global Warming has become a massive threat to the future of this planet. We as humans, have negatively affected our only home in a way that may not be irreversible. With new inventions and ideas coming out every day, Techno-fixes may be the only way to fix our glooming problem of rising CO2 levels. These techno-fixes could also back fire because of the unknown nature of how these techno-fixes could go wrong. But with the chance of these new ideas working, it must give us enough trust to try out these techno-fixes. As a collective society we all can make strides to try make our environmental footprint as small as possible so that we can help with lowering CO2 levels. Lowering the amount of greenhouse gases that we are responsible for, could be a very effective way to halt the progress of global warming. Maybe the lowering of how much gases we use in every day transportation could help. This is hard because we need every person of society to engage in the act of shrinking our global environmental footprint.
With how young the problem of global warming is compared to the lifespan of the Earth, techno-fixes on global warming are so new and unreliable because of their chance of causing a different problem to the environment. At this point though, Global warming has become the biggest threat to destruction of ecosystems and this planet. If we wait to long, the temperature might be too much to reverse, that certain ecosystems could disappear forever. Earth has a certain balance and if we mess with the destruction of that balance, we may not have a planet to live and prosper on soon. We need better and more reliable techno-fixes to really create a change in the CO2 levels to save this planet and life on Earth.