Darwin thoughts

Darwin’s first argument to convince his readers of evolution is that we use what we see on the outside to classify things. The same flower has to change many times just to live in other areas “simply classified as a new species” (Darwin, P. 488) even though in reality they are not new, they are just modified. He also writes about right at the end how past and present habits and environments should been seen as secondary causes. “We don’t see the intermediate steps” (Darwin, P. 502). I believe the economy of nature on page 492 also explains another agreement. Again using flowers, choosing what ones we like best and killing the rest. Also altering genetic by hand isn’t natural selection but hand pick selection.
The lest convicting part of that reading for me was “More individuals are born that can possibly survive” (Darwin, P. 489). Talking about natural section in our day and age is over with in my eyes. We know more stuff about nothing than past generations. What I mean by that is for example I know lots about Human development behaviors, especially in children development behavior but I don’t know what poison ivy looks like or how to skin an animal. For that kind of natural selection to take place were looking at a world pandemics and besides global warming and I don’t think that would really all be about natural selection its more of where you live (chance).