Curiosity Killed Us All?

The Cognitive Revolution was a revolution when Sapiens started to develop traits that made them superior to all other beings as Sapiens became smarter and developed different ways of thinking or strategizing compared to other mammals and beings of Earth. Sapiens could work together, make weapons and successfully hunt animals, while other mammals and even other humans lacked the brain power to do much more than the daily essentials to keep existing. A small band of Sapiens also could lose a battle to a small band of Neanderthals, but Sapiens were able to devise strategies to defeat the Neanderthals. The Agricultural Revolution was a revolution that started around 12,000 years ago in Turkey, Iran and the surrounding area through Palestine. (Harari, p. 77). The Agricultural Revolution happened when Sapiens domesticated plants and animals around them. Those same animals were corralled or watched over and systematically bred or slaughtered. (Harari, p. 78, 79, 80). Plants were domesticated for food and wheat became the main domesticated plant in the world.

Homo sapiens became dominant because of their ability to collectively think and overcome certain obstacles. Sapiens became dominant because humans imagine that there is definite social hierarchy on Earth. After the Agricultural Revolution, Sapiens gained property like land or cattle and thought that those properties held wealth or status. Although kings and queens that have been buried with valuable possessions while the peasants were just buried normally, in reality, all the kings, queens and peasants of the world eventually die and decompose. After someone dies, that person cannot take any possessions with them after they are dead. (Harari, p. 111, 112, 113, 114). I also like to think that Sapiens became dominant partly due to their curiosity, causing many animal extinctions throughout history and even extinctions of other human species.