Climate Rant

If one is brave and confident enough to place their trust in the words of any government agency, then they would take the IPCC seriously about their predictions on climate change by the year 2040. Basically, the IPCC says that if temperatures increase 2 degrees celsius above pre-industrial era levels, then there will be massive global sea level increases. If this scenario plays out, then most of the polar ice caps will melt and cause global flooding, ocean oxygen deprivation, mass extinction, and destruction of industry and infrastructure. While all this sounds a little too good to be true, people who live on the coast might not think it’s as awesome as I do. Those who think it might be a good idea to try to stop global warming should look into more renewable energies. Solar, hydro-electric, and all that nonsense would be a great supplement to fossil fuels. One must also consider that fossil fuels can’t be entirely abandoned, since I don’t see an electric car doing very well in Montana. To transition to more renewable fuels society would need to seriously change it’s attitude towards fossil fuels… would be a huge cultural change to cut back on fossil fuels. While I don’t think anything serious will ever actually be done to combat climate change; it could be done by means of just abandoning civilization.


Is climate science truly in its infancy? Short answer is no. Climate science may sometimes not be trusted for a variety of reasons; some just don’t see it in their everyday lives, some don’t trust any sciences, some think we’re just in between ice ages, and some might believe it but just not care. If you’re one to just believe whatever is put in front of you, then the IPCC articles would have you believe that climate change is a huge threat in the coming decades. Now I personally think the IPCC may just be onto something with the climate changing; do I care why it’s happening…, but it’s most definitely happening. Every year the glaciers in glacier park get smaller and smaller, it makes my heart sink seeing it, so I think climate change is pretty obvious.