Climate Change Conspiracy?

The IPCC predicts that ramifications of global warming at 1.5 degrees C and 2.0 degrees C. The IPCC states that it is possible to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees C but it would require us to make drastic changes, and quickly (IPPC Press Release, Pg. 2). This is where techno-fixes come in. One techno-fix would be highly tax carbon dioxide emissions. This would persuade large corporations to find a way to limit their emissions. The way we get power would also have to change. The IPCC states that we need to reduce our power produced by coal by about 40%. We would also have to increase our power produced by renewable sources by 67% (Davenport, Pg. 2). We would have to create techno-fixes like large solar and wind farms in order to achieve this.  I don’t know if I believe a socio-technology fix could be implement in time. Pretty much every corporation and political leader would have to agree to start limiting our emissions. Which in the direction we are headed, seems nearly impossible. If we do want to start making changes, we need to implement this fixes now.


I disagree with that climate science is too young to be reliable. Climate change has been linearly increasing for the past 100 years. This allows us to make accurate predictions on what is going to happen in the future. Disagreeing just because the science is too new does not give any time to make changes. And if the science turns out to be correct, it will be too late. That’s why I believe you should not discredit climate science. I believe t’s better to make predictions and make attempts to avoid future problems than to wait until problems occurs and then try to fix them.