christmas time gives us CRISPR

Our future with concern to gene editing is at the forefront with the inexplicably awesome new CRISPER technology. From the text we can pull that the technology is being inspected for all its possibilities when Francis crick institute states, “hope to cast light on early embryo development work which may eventually lead to safer and more successful fertility treatments.” Even with the possibility of curing some of the worlds most prolific genetic diseases, there are still skeptics, many claim that this act of technology should only be harnessed by god. Playing as a creator is a fear that has haunted the religious population for years, the new technology allows for those fears to be turned to excitement if given the chance. The options CRISPR deliveries the world is growing exponentially but the world is too caught up on the fear that our lives would not be original or unique, the parents get a “choose your own child” book.

The use of gene editing should not be forbidden from the population, especially if you or a child is or will suffer from a disease.  However, I would like to have a system of regulations put into place voted on by the population. If we continue to advance technology such as CRISPR we are going to open up the medical world to a new land of possibilities. The limits of human life are unknown… this does sound all nice but it is worth mentioning that this technology is still in its infancy and probably has a lot more problems than answers right now. With the support of the citizens we can watch with our very eyes as we grow CRISPR and the next generation of humans.