Changing Climate Changing Epoch

I do think the Anthropocene epoch should be added to the geological time scale. The rapid changes that have occurred over the last hundred years or so have never happened before in history. Even though the earth goes through natural cycles, the current effects of global warming are creating more rapid change. Although Steffen says the Anthropocene should start at the beginning of the agricultural evolution (Steffen, pg. 615). I think it should start at the Industrial revolution. As Steffen states, the industrial revolution affected the Earth System because “the enormous expansion in the use of fossil fuels.” (pg. 616) Soon after Industrialization started deforestation largely affected the northern hemisphere which led to the domestication of 20-25% of the land. These and many more reasons lead to similar ideas from Malm’s article. “Humankind is the new geological force transforming the planet beyond recognition.” (Malm, pg. 1) Malm points out that this change is chiefly due to the burning of large amounts of coal, oil and gas. I agree with Malm that the main causes are from the burning of fossil fuels. This is why I think the Anthropocene should start at the industrial revolution, which started the sharp rise in climate change.

Dan’s idea, I think relates to a topic earlier in the semester of why people fear science. People don’t like change and it can be hard for some to change their beliefs on certain topics. I think this greatly affects the overall work on climate change. The only way we are going to make significant changes soon is if everyone works together. Unfortunately, I think we have too many people that don’t believe in climate change or don’t want to admit it is happening. Some people however are putting in an effort to spread the ideas of climate change. Cathy and her team talked to people about climate change by directing the conversations to the interests of the people. For example, she talked to farmers about how climate change will affect agriculture in the future. If I were involved, I would try and encourage those people to think about further generations and what effects they might have to deal with.