Capitalism is King

If I was to vote on the commission I would pull from the Malm article and say that yes humanity does have a impact on the environment. This indeed is directly tied to capitalism, humanity as a capitalist and dominating force will tend to care little for others or the environment. The article talks about how oil CEO’s state that “If I can drill and make money, then that’s what I want to do.” (Malm, 4)  Oil and its effect on the environment is clear, there is little regard to what happens, especially like the BP Oil spill, where money and profits came in the way of the environment. Humanity is a destructive force on the environment, and because of that I would vote yes.

The idea that people need to fit into social groups is very true. I am going to pull form my experiences as an RA, students are very social creatures and from seeing that I can agree that yes, many students and people in general will not speak out against the norm. I would have to say that to help combat this issue would be to have more informed students, and with this the University would and should invite climate scientists to the University and they could present to the students, and form these conversations students would be able to make some informed arguments. That would be a good start, having more informed students would help them speak out against their peers.