Bryce Dawkins Week 9 Blog Post

Bryce Dawkins

Paragraph 1: Global warming clearly is becoming an issue or you could say this is an existing issue currently. Solutions are not easy to come by, as the temperatures rise globally so does the rising of the sea, along with the extinction of animals. Some solutions are technological based, we call them fixes. Greenhouse gases are one of them, in Part D. D.1 it is stated that under the Paris Agreement would lead to greenhouse gas emission in 2030. Yes this a possibility but still this “fix” does not solve our problem as it would not decrease the temperature from 1.5 celsius. In terms of a socio-technological fix, it would be possible to reduce inequalities and eradicate poverty if the temperature was at 1.5 degrees celsius rather than 2 degrees celsius. That came from Part D. D2, this could be possible, it would be easier to help in the areas of stress but as was stated in D2 this not as successfully possible until the temperature decreases. In D3 it does stat that with options specific to national context, if carefully selected could lead to poverty reduction and sustainable development at 1.5 degrees celsius but, there would be trade offs. So if there is a solution there could also be backlash. Our way of life would have to change dramatically to change the effects of global warming. Valerie Masson-Delmotte stats that changes needed would have to be in industry, buildings, land, energy, transport and cities. Along with the changes to basically everything we use and do on the daily, the carbon dioxide would need to fall by 45% by 2010 to 2030, reaching zero-sum by 205. The removal of carbon dioxide from the air would take fixes we don’t know the effects of yet.

Paragraph 2: John Tyndall is a very crazy man, who would want to go alone on  mountain top and risk your life. Thats crazy to me but hey if you love something it’s not crazy. I would say no that climate science is not too young to understand. We can’t say its to young if we look at Tyndall. Yes his research is yet to be released to the public, yes he died a long time ago and no one it seems was with him alot on his trips on to the peaks. But the man was not crazy, he stats in the article “any changes made to the atmosphere would produce effects on the terrestrial rays and produce corresponding changes in climate”. I’m not a scientist but we all know a fact that this is true. This statement was made in 1861. That’s a long ways back. We see these changes today, in 2018. The articles of the IPCC show clearly and stat clearly our understanding of the world we live in. We fully understand the climate changes that have gone on. If we didn’t understand it then we wouldn’t be able to know that if things continue to progress that the oceans worldwide could be down ten centimeters. These are the facts, we know what will and what does change our climate and effects us. Priyardarshi Shukla stats that “Limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees celsius rather than 2 degrees celsius would  reduce the challenging impacts on the ecosystem, human health and well-being, making it easier for us to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals”. I think we have a good amount of knowledge on climate.