Big Bad Technology

Governments are put together and run on the basis of ideas that have been used in the past. They operate by doing what has previously worked and not doing what hasn’t worked. Religious groups are similar. Take Christianity for example, followers learn and share the teachings of the bible and what God has said. All these ideas, like governments ideas, are from the past. This is why governments and religious groups sometimes fear new technology like air pumps and electrical machines. New technology is the future not the past. It scares people because it isn’t what they know. People like familiarity and technology is anything but familiar.


Today we constantly are exposed with new technology that is completely different than anything we’ve seen before, or could have imagined years ago. Social media is one of those things. Its new, widely used, and changing the way we go about life. Social media can give people hundreds of millions of dollars and can influence religion as well as politics. It gives people a platform for power and influences the way world leaders react to issues.