Abused and Beautiful


Problems that have surfaced in Bitterroot Valley Montana started hundreds of years prior to the community actually taking notice and action. The environment suffers from runoff, forest fires, along with deforestation and what’s seeming to impact it most being poisoned from abandoned mines. The sulfuric acid is making its way down to the ecosystem and it is causing all sorts of unwanted havoc. These problems with the exception of the abandoned mines, and deforestation could possibly be from natural causes. However in recent the vast majority of these causes over history stem from human interaction within the environment over these past couple hundred years.


I believe Montana serves as a great location to figure out problems for the world’s environmental issues, being that it has been affected the least of many ecological locations in the United States. Weather it be least affected by forest fires, runoff, and deforestation. It is one of the most unbothered areas of land that is also habitable. Scientist can somewhat get a look back into the past with how land looked hundreds of years ago. The can observe rich soil samples, with thriving vegetation, and an active wildlife. They would be able to see nature as it is when left almost completely alone. They can also get an insight and compare the areas such as Bitterroot Valley where human interaction has affected it but still looks healthy and beaufitl. They would be getting two different kinds of environment both in the same altitude, weather, and vegetation. From this scientist can concur how we impact environments in negative ways and figure out potential ways to avoid such actions preventing more human caused environmental harm around the world.