A Race against the Inevitable

A race against the inevitable

The Hot Topic in today’s science and media as been climate change. Humans have been able to alter almost everything on this planet that we call home. There have been some “Geo-engineering” tossed around. For an example on idea is to reflect heat from the sun using solar panels to reduce the temperature on earth. My personal opinion is that I do not think that we can alter the climate because nature will always be superior to technology. We may fix one problem with the climate then another problem will arise from the technological fix. I do not think that an effective technological fix can be put in place in this certain time-frame. I think that the climate change effects will happen regardless and humans will create different ways to adapt to the changes like we have in the past.

We do not know much about climate change and we will continue to learn. It has only been a  matter of importance within the past 10 or so years. As it continues to be a more and more urgent matter our knowledge of climate change will grow as we pool more and more resources into climate science. I think that the readings do have some very valid points. However, our climate has been going through changes since the dawn of time and I do not think that it will stop anytime soon. The best thing that we can do is overcome, adapt, and roll with the punches.