A Climate Cure All?

There is not an easy solution to the problems surrounding climate change. To stop the global warming that is drastically increasing on our planet we need to lower the amount of pollution we emit into the atmosphere. This can be done through a few different avenues, namely through technological and economic means. Technologies have been and are continuing to be developed to clean the emissions created from burning coal. These technologies can be effecting in decreasing pollution but they are extremely expensive and there is little motivation for power industries to implement them in their processes. There is no economic factor that is forcing countries to decrease their emissions. Because of this fact, it is challenging to see emissions decreasing in the near future. Technologies are expensive and the industries responsible for the emissions have little need for the technological fixes. The only way one could possibly see a drastic change is if economic sanctions could be placed on those most responsible for the emissions. Yes, this could possibly hurt the global economy, but the economic impacts of not stopping emissions are much higher. As Coral Davenport states, “Avoiding the most serious damages requires transforming the world economy within just a few years.” (pg. 1) Technology will aid in this process of decreasing emissions but I believe it will be through economic means that we might achieve a solution.

History has shown us that people are often weary of new technology or scientific findings. Society tends to care about the present rather than the consequences of what our present actions have on our future. This is what I believe has lead countless individuals to disregard recent findings. Every new branch of science in its early stages tends to be met with opposition and I think climate science is experiencing the same effects. However, just because a climate science is relatively young, it does not mean that it is incorrect. There have been measurable changes on our planet in the last 200 years and these changes have clearly been a result of human actions. These appear to be observable facts that cannot be debated. Yet, many choose to challenge these facts. However, this should not come as a shock as this tends to be the trend throughout history as well.