A Change in Climate

There are many different technical fixes that would help with climate change. The most obvious technical fix that is constantly being improved is the efficiency of cars. Cutting down on car emissions would decrease the amount of greenhouse gas released. While this fix wouldn’t get rid of any greenhouse gas that’s already in the atmosphere It would be a good start. The best fix however would be to convince the public that climate change is an issue, and the world is doomed if people don’t change. I don’t think that’s possible though. So many people are set in their ways to the point that they won’t change even if they know the world is doomed. There’s also a problem with the way that our culture functions. We as Americans are so use to using as many resources that we have available with no regard for consequence.

To answer the question of whether or not that statement is even true, I would like to collect Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 3: “No!”. It’s pretty easy to see that climate change is headed in a bad direction, and change needs to happen. It’s far easier to see how people could make personal gains from convincing people that they can keep up with their unenvironmental habits than to see how people could gain from trying to convince the public to be more efficient.